Being a trainee coach I feel that the children get a lot from the club and its a joy to know that they get a lot out of the club when they say they have really enjoyed themselves and when they leave they have a smile on their face and that they say that they are coming back again.

We also do a lot as a club above an beyond like organising a Christmas party for the children as well as raffles to support the club. Its a joy to be part of the club.



I love the club because all of the coaches are really helpful,friendly and funny. Trampolining is a great sport because it is fun and keeps you active. Plus it is quite different to other sports and I think that it is the most enjoyable sport. It is the best club to join because I have got a lot out of it and there are many fun sides to trampolining that all of the coaches add like the BBQ’s, Christmas party’s and fun days.